Discount Codes and Promotions

We love discounts as much as the next person. We send out coupon codes, discounts, and promos to our email list subscribers and customers. So if you're looking to save, make sure to signup to our mailing list.

Don't want to wait for a discount? Well, we have a few ideas.

Leave a review about us online, send us a link via email so we can verify, and if everything checks out, we will reply back with a small discount to use on your next order. Simple enough, although restrictions do apply*.

Want a larger discount? We're always looking at updating our product descriptions with more flavor tests, customer feedback, and opinions. Send us an email with your take on the flavor and brand, a few sentences will do, and if we end up using it in our product description we will send you a discount code. Once again, some restrictions do apply*.

If the above two ways to earn discounts aren't your cup of tea we do offer an affiliate program that may interest you. Send us an email to inquire about more information, including a few quick words about how you're planning to drive affiliate referrals, etc.

*Promotion Restrictions:

  • We are very strict about our age policy, and this means we have some limitations to where you can leave a review in order to be eligible for a discount. Reddit is fine as long as it's an age-gated community, ie. /r/electronic_cigarette, but something like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is not. We are committed to ensuring only adults of a legal smoking age have access to our products, and this extends to any and all promotions.
  • If you're leaving a store review or writing a product review/opinion and hoping to get a discount code, please make sure that you are not copying someone else's work. We deal with these sorts of things all the time, from other stores copying our images and text, so we like to think we're pretty good at spotting stuff like that.
  • Due to the nature of our products, we are very selective about our affiliate program. We want to make sure that you will not try to market or push our products to anyone that does not abide by our Age Policy. 

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