My pods aren't working!

Sorry to hear that! Let's troubleshoot. 

There could be a number of reasons why a pod might not fire, but the most common is the contacts on the bottom. Sometimes they can get bent in a bit during shipping, from the constant shaking and rattling, causing them to make a bad connection with your batteries elements. This can be easily fixed by running your finger over the connectors on the bottom of the pod to make sure they are even. If one seems to be bent a bit too far, you can always bend it back just a little bit.

Still having issues? Take the pod out and make sure the compartment in your battery is clear of debris or juice. One you reinsert the pod, make sure that you push it in all the way. Some pods will click, while others will not, it really depends on the brand and the pods' design. You will know that the device has a good connection when it lights up.

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